Drop Bury Technician

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Contract Employee



Denver, CO market and surrounding areas

Starting Date


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Must have experience locating buried lines, prefer previous splicing experience

Other Requirements

Must be willing to use personal vehicle. Locator, A-Frame, and meter can be provided if need be

Job Description

• Customer contact, call aheads, explaining to the customer who they are and what they are doing on site on behalf of CLIENT
• Dig and fix dial tone only on air core drops in mountain wire centers
• Not digging and fixing air core drops/quad/2PR’s in metro wire centers
• Hand trenching when reasonable and necessary with minimal disruptions to landscaping
• Quality in restoration to avoid customer/neighbor complaints
• Professional and appropriate physical appearance/uniforms
• Calling 811/locates prior to digging and fixing, both on prem and the ped yard, if required
• Not more than two splices per drop
• Aware of utility easements and right-of-way
• Notifying CLIENT of issues on site, with customer, ped yard, access, easements, etc to CLIENT immediately to CPA
• Three hour rule – if no progress and/or continual challenges, reach out to CLIENT on how to proceed
• After dig and fix is complete, running a performance test on the drop and noting test results on sketch that will be submitted back to CLIENT
• Report damages to CLIENT, identified on site; document, take pictures? ..relay information back to CLIENT
• Knowledge of Unicall procedures

Overview of Dig and Fix Job
• Call ahead to customer letting them know when you will be there
• Arrive at customer site
• Make customer aware of you entering property and repairing cable
• Uncover how large of a cable drop it is and where the cable issue is underground
• Use locator to identify where cable issue is
• Use A-Frame to narrow in exactly where issue is
• Dig down to cable issue and splice cable
• Once repaired, refill hole that was made
• Test cable line to be sure it is working properly
• Follow up with customer to answer any questions they might have

Contact Information

Cancelled/Expired Listing
Listed: 9/17/2018
Expires: 12/16/2018