Low Voltage Alarm Technician

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor


Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

Panama City, FLorida

Starting Date

Pay Rate & Details


Optional but preferred: NICET, CFAT, ESA, OSHA, CAT1, State Licensed.

Other Requirements

Truck, Ladder, Basic hand tools(screwdrivers, pliers, ect..)

Job Description

Experience Counts! The power to a Mag Lock is NO or NC? How about a Door Strike? Two 12VDC7AH Batteries in series creates what? What if they are wired in parallel? Two 500 OHM Resistors wired in series creates what? How about parallel? What does the abbreviation REX stand for? Along with experience you need a Truck and Tools.

For 27 years we have been in the field building a reputation. On average our Technicians have been with us 12 Years, some longer, some shorter. We pay extremely well and support our staff with access to Certifications such as NICET, CFAT, OSHA, and CAT1. We also help you see Equipment Certifications such as Bosch, Silent Knight, Lenel, and a host of other panels. In short when we are done with you, you can walk away and do your own thing.
So why won't you? Because we take care of those that take care of the company. May sound old fashion but that's how we roll.

From my early days working until my thirties holding a job was difficult. Working as an employee wasn't based on performance as much as it was based on politics. Being Politically Correct was difficult for me, becoming a Self Employed Contractor proved successful in my case. It requires discipline. Do you know what a 1099 is?

$$$ Sign On Bonus After Sixth Month review $$$

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Listed: 6/18/2018
Expires: 9/16/2018