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Job Description and Responsibilities :
The ISP Technician is responsible for the safe and efficient installation of conduit, fiber cables, moldings, junction boxes, fiber jacks, and NIU.

Primary Responsibilities:
-Drill concrete as well as hammer and saw EMT and microduct pipe
-Install connectors and attachments as needed to NEC and local building codes
-Install EMT boxes and terminals
-Install and secure EMT and micro duct pathway, including proper bending technique
-Perform fiber optic tests and accurately record the results

Requirements :

-1-2 years of telecommunication construction experience; cable experience preferred
-Ability to read and understand blue prints, construction prints, and building plans
-Proven experience documenting daily records, reports, and hours worked

Technical Skills:
-Proficient utilization of fiber optic test equipment, rub light, power meter, and OTDR
-Ability to utilize MS Excel or equivalent to document and retrieve information
-Ability to operate hand and power tools

Physical Requirements:
-Must be able to pass pre-employment screening that includes background and drug testing
-Individuals must have a valid driver's license and driving record meeting the company policy conditions
-Must be in good physical condition with the ability to stoop, crawl, bend at the knees and waist, squat and lift 50 lbs; includes body weight, equipment, tools and boxes
-Must be able to stand for long periods of time on varied surfaces
-May be required to work long and unpredictable hours
-Position requires working outdoors in all types of weather
-Ability to climb and work at elevations (e. g. from ladders, poles, lift trucks) exceeding 18 feet
-Ability to work in confined spaces (e. g. attics, crawl spaces, utility holes)

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Listed: 2/9/2018
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