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Preferred Hiring Terms

Full-time Employee



Brandon, Lakeland, Sarasota (Tampa, FL area). Call today to reserve your spot -

Starting Date

Start dates (waves) are 2/12, 2/14, 2/16 only. You must start on one of these dates.

Pay Rate & Details

Standard Unit fates for FIOS


You just have experience working with FIOS.

Other Requirements

Truck, Tools, Light meter and other standard I&R tools, PPE and etc.

Job Description

Job Duties - Your job duties will include, but may not be limited to:
" Receiving work assignments from client representatives, other designated supervisory personnel, or by electronic terminal.
" Performing operations in connection with the installation/maintenance of fiber based services.
" Installing, repairing and maintaining inside cables, wires and plug-in equipment to connect telecommunication systems and equipment.
" Reading and interpreting facilities plats, and/or vendor specification documents for the purpose of locating and repairing fiber based services.
" Using test equipment for installing and repairing fiber based services.
" Promoting the sale of client services and products.
" Making face-to-face customer contacts while communicating with customers before, during, and after the work operation.
" Identifying and meeting individual customer requirements on provisioning and/or repair orders.
" Completing all related administrative paperwork to include, but not limited to, daily time sheets or submittal of work completed.
" Performing light digging.

Basic Requirements - In performance of your duties, you must:
" Ability to work aloft, underground (manholes), and in buried facilities environments.
" Ability to lift, carry, and manoeuvre heavy equipment and material in excess of 100 lbs.; i.e. ability to remove ladder from truck, carry, raise, climb and descend ladder and replace ladder on truck.
" Ability to operate hydraulic aerial lifts (buckets).
" Be willing to work any days and any tours, outdoors in any type of weather.
" Follow established safety practices and guidelines.
" Adhere to strict regulations and procedures for the security of property.

Contact Information

Mercury Z -Heather at 919-300-5600 or 919-439-5000 or email Email

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Listed: 2/8/2018
Expires: 5/9/2018