Aerial Crews in Puerto Rico for Claro Telephone!

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor


Puerto Rico

This work in Puerto Rico for Claro Telephone is just getting started for the entire Island!

Starting Date

If you are already in Puerto Rico you can start ASAP. If you are tired of working for the Cable Company come on over and start ASAP.

Pay Rate & Details

Pay Rate is Based upon experience. The pay is every 15 days based upon production for a 2 Year Contract. Will also furnish a $50 per day per diem!


Foreman and Lineman must have 3 to 5 years experience in Fiber and Copper. This is for Claro Telephone Company and you MUST know how to restore Copper Telephone with 3/8" Strand and Lash up to 1,800 pair Copper. You can hire Ground Hands in Puerto Rico or bring your own. YOU MUST HAVE A BUCKET TRUCK AND ALL EQUIPMENT NECESSARY FOR TELEPHONE!!!!!!!!!

Other Requirements

You MUST bring all hand tools and any necessary equipment to work on Telephone copper and fiber with 3/8" Strand. YOU MUST HAVE A BUCKET TRUCK AND ALL EQUIPMENT NECESSARY FOR TELEPHONE!!!!!!!!!

Job Description

This work is for Claro Telephone Company and we are restoring the Copper and Fiber on the entire Island for Hurricane Maria Damage. This work is just getting started and we need experienced Foreman And Lineman that Really know Telephone Copper and Fiber and I cannot stress this enough. There is wreck-out and rebuild and we want Trucks and Cable Trailers to look nice and work properly. IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE ISLAND AND HAVE THE PROPER EQUIPMENT YOU CAN START ASAP!!! YOU MUST HAVE A BUCKET TRUCK AND ALL EQUIPMENT NECESSARY FOR TELEPHONE!!!

There are a lot of people on the Cable Bar that are giving Puerto Rico a bad name, however, that must be the Cable TV work. Again, this is a Telephone Company and there is no association to any other work going on in Puerto Rico and we want professional workers with professional attitudes.

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Listed: 2/4/2018
Expires: 5/5/2018