Need DTV installers for Denver, CO and Austin,TX

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Independent Contractor


Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming

Looking for experienced tech/installer for Denver, CO and Austin, TX ~ ASAP!!!

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Pay Rate & Details

80/20 pay rate for all NC jobs. We pay once a week every Friday. We auto deposit into your account every Friday.


Must have on truck or van. Ladder, meter (Bird Dog preferred) and own tools for the trade. Must have DiercTV experience.

Other Requirements

Job Description

A satellite TV installer attaches, connects, and repairs equipment that delivers television signals to service subscribers. The satellite TV installer determines where the satellite dish should be placed on the exterior of a building for optimal reception, attaches and grounds the dish using appropriate mounting hardware, and ensures proper connection with a receiver box placed inside the building. The receiver box translates the satellite signal and interprets viewer commands.

Once the equipment is installed, the satellite TV installer shows the customer how to use the receiver box and remote control. Installers often work as salaried employees or independent contractors for satellite TV providers throughout the United States. Weekend work is common, and many installers are expected to provide their own tools and transportation to job sites.

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Scott Neuman



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Listed: 1/31/2018
Expires: 5/1/2018