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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor


Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee

Locations Specific, meaning living or have a business in the cities listed

Starting Date

Start date is as soon as possible.

Pay Rate & Details

If you are interested you must either call the number provided or send an email requesting information. Once one of those two requests are performed we will send pay sheets.


All tools including ladder, cat5/6 tools, RG6 tools. Drills and equipment to perform a quality install for our clients. All installs require grounding per UL requirements. UL is a must. At least one year of installation experience.

Other Requirements

DO NOT call if you don't live with a 20 mile radius fo the cities listed below. We are willing to educate those techs who are willing to learn our system. State: Arkansas= Cabot, Hot Springs, Jonesboro. TN: Memphis, Cookeville, Bristol. Alabama: Auburn, Georgia: Macon, Augusta, Roswell, Voldasta. North Carolina: Belmont*, Ashville, Johnson City. Belmont is a project that I need a tech to train and they must live in the area. It's going to be a build out, but it will be slow to start with.

Job Description

Installation Home internet. If you are Exede certified we also offer a plan to sell and install. This is NOT a full-time workload. It is what we describe as fill work. So you will run service jobs and installation orders. You will need a laptop or notebook computer. In the Belmont NC area, you will be required to be taught how to install WI_FI devices in the home and in business. You will be able to sale the service and make a commission. Once the system is moving you will receive an offer to oversee the area. This is only in Belmont NC. Our company is over 35 years in the electronics industry. We pay on time and you will never have to worry about not getting paid. You will be required to track inventory and be responsible for returning all bad equipment.
My name is John Stancil, I am the CEO of the company.

Contact Information

If you are interested you will need to send email, No need to use this site for communication. Email address is:
Email. The phone number is 256-856-6413. If no answer leave a message. I promise your call will be returned ASAP.

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Listed: 11/30/2017
Expires: 2/28/2018