Directional Boring Crews and MIssile Crews Needed

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor


North Carolina

Charlotte, NC. Raleigh, NC.

Starting Date

Work to begin Monday November 27th

Pay Rate & Details

Email for payrates, Right now we have work that can be done 7 days a week in Charlotte, with bi-weekly pay and competitive rates. We also have higher paying bid work in Charlotte and Raleigh. Drills needed most, but we can put missile crews to work.


Must sign contract and agree to all terms. Contractors must handle the entire scope of any task they are performing. Meaning from locating and potholing to boring, then to placing pipe and setting vaults. Anyone with experience knows that when you set a vault you have leftover dirt. For some reason subs here recently have tried to put that off and it not an option. We pay higher rates to have the job done right, hauling dirt to a location I provide is the contractors responsibility.

Other Requirements

We do require insurance but we also understand that this line of work has been hard on many people this year include ourselves. We are willing to work with you and help to get insurance set up for anyone that can show they are an asset to the company. We are busy right now but the schedule for 2018 is almost hard to comprehend. Safety is a big thing at our company. Boots and class 2 vest are required for anyone on the jobsite, some of our clients require hard hats at the airports but that’s it.

Job Description

Placing fiber and 1.5” conduit in Charlotte. As well as 1” pipe and occasionally some 2”. We do work down town as well, more and more every week. We do most of that work in house because of how tidious it is. 24” and 36” depth requirements, just depends on where we are in the city. We have over 225,000’ to place over the next 30 days. Please contact me for more info, like I said we are good to break ground on Monday after the break. Like I said before, we run 7 days a week right now, Sunday’s are not required but the option is yours. All materials we be delivered to the job site except for gravel, gravel you have to get yourselves when you haul your dirt since they are at the same location. Also in need of fiber splicing crews, ring cut mainly. As well as some fiber pulling guys that know how to use dewalt drills and saws to mount emt or pvc pipe from ground level to the service box mounted on the side of buildings. Very competitive rates, if you have equipment to do it yourself you will be offered piece work rates.
Atlanta, GA coming soon.

Contact Information

Cancelled/Expired Listing
Listed: 11/24/2017
Expires: 2/22/2018