2 Fiber & Coax Install In Central, FL

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Independent Contractor



2 apartment locations in Central, FL: 1 Melbourne, FL and 1 in Brandon, FL

Starting Date

Looking for estimates at this time. Estimates will be reviewed and vendor will be contacted.

Pay Rate & Details

Looking for estimates at this time.


Local to Central Florida

Other Requirements

You supply fiber, conduit, coax and boxes as needed.

Job Description

We have two properties that we are looking to get estimates on:

1. Brandon, FL:
-Direct bury .500 coax from headend to building 3 lock box.
Est: 250'
-Direct bury .500 coax from headend to building 4 to building 7
Est: 750' (across on parking lot, est. around 70')
-Install fiber and conduit from headend to building 4 to building 7 to data room.
Est: 950' (across two parking lots. Both est. around 70' each)
**We have .500 onsite that can be used.**

2. Melbourne, FL:
-Direct bury .500 coax from headend to building 1 lock box.
Est: 460'
-Install fiber from headend to data room.
Est: 860'
-Install conduit for second half of fiber pull.
Est: 530'
** There is conduit for half the fiber install in place already. Conduit install
will be needed for second half of pull.**
Est: 530'

I am willing to meet onsite to walk install.
Rough site map available.

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Listed: 10/23/2017
Expires: 1/21/2018