Florida (Storm Work) Contractor Tracker or C2C

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Independent Contractor



Xfinity market areas

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Pay Rate & Details

Meetings are already underway and will be confirmed immediately once negotiations are complete.


Triple Play technicians with all the skills to replace drops and ensure D-mark is up to spec and equipment is operating. Comcast badged techs will receive a temp badge valid for two months before any other action is needed. Crimshield badge techs also qualify temp badges with photo copy of current badge.

Other Requirements

C&M LLC is operating with Prime contractors in Houston recovery and have been allocated up to 20+ spots with the final two locations not finalized for Florida work.

Job Description

Due to a issue Houston please only submit actual paperwork if you plan to move forward and agree to rates and requirements. Once paperwork is submitted for any company, contractors will not be able to re submit with another contractor for the same MSO. I do encourage all contractors to be patient to ensure individuals and Corps get the best rate.


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Cancelled/Expired Listing
Listed: 9/10/2017
Expires: 12/9/2017