Drillers and Helpers needed. Start Immediately

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor



We will be drilling in Northern Virginia, and also other areas

Starting Date

The work is already in progress.

Pay Rate & Details

Your pay will be determined upon the experience you have. Also keep this in mind. The more you can bring to the table, the more you will be paid. Pay is 21 days after the first weeks invoice. Then every week after there out.Some projects pay more.


You must know how to opetate a 20/20 or 922 ditchwitch drill and take care of the equipment and trucks. Keep them both cleaned of trash and mud. I need people I dont have to baby sit and have to point my fingers to what to do. Like any compan, we want self motivated people and not these know it all drillers who cant put footage in the ground. If you cant put more than 1500 a week in then I dont need you. I want drillers who can jump out there and help the helpers get things pot holed as well.

Other Requirements

You also must be willing to travel. If you are really an experience Driller then you know that in order to find good work, you have to move around to find it. We pay for all the motel expenses but you must have your own transportation to get the job. We dont cover motel expenses for the weekend or if you are local to the work.Also you must have Drivers license so you can drive the trucks.

Job Description

If your a driller or a helper who has worked with a drill crew then you know what to do.
However, we pull back anywhere from 1 1/4" to 4" pipe. We also have some trench jobs that we are doing which pays a little less but you will still be paid good. Right now we have 4 projects going on that needs to get done.
You need to also know how to run a mini-excavator to help set your handholes from the pipe you put in the ground. Also we need you to know how to hot patch the potholes that we cut out to spot utilities. Some jobs are gravy and some are very hard to do. So from my experience with cable bar members is that most our job hoppers who will work for one month and quit. We want steady workers who are willing to take the bad with the good. If your not serious, then I will figure you out within a week and we wont use you the following week. But if your serious and a hard worker then we will take care of you.

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Listed: 7/11/2013
Expires: 10/9/2013