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Re: What is the largest fiber count 12-900-1200
Yeah of course, I just meant what customers are requiring such large count cables?
We were splicing anywhere between 15-30 864's per building, running from data center to data center internally within that one datafarm. I think one job had 6 different buildings that had to be connected together, so we had one 864 from one building connecting to every other building, then 5 wings of servers per building, that each had at least one 864 allocated, but most had 3 going to each wing. 
Granted, this was all internal cabling, just getting each building connected to the others for a ring type connection. 
OSP to the OCEF then spliced to pre-connectorized ISP cables, all LC. Actually got to help prep some of the panels after we spliced them, as the in-house crew couldn't keep up with our splicing. It was either help them, or wait on testing.
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