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Mexican Weight Loss Clinic
A man was sitting in his motel room in Mexico reading the paper, when he came a crossed an add for a weight loss clinic. The add read loose 10lbs in one day for $25.00 or 20lbs for $45.00 guaranteed. So he figured he could stand to loose some weight so he went and checked it out.

He walked in and told the lady at the desk he wanted the 10lb special so she took his money and told him to strip down and walk through the door. He did as he was told. He opened the door and found himself in an empty room with another door on the other side. A few minutes went by and the door opened and he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walk into the room naked as a J bird. She had a sign around her neck that said "If you catch me, you can have me" so he chased her around the room for about 30 minute and when he finally caught her they got it on.  After they were done he jumped on the scale and sure enough, he had lost 10 lbs.

Later that night at the motel He kept thinking about the girl and thought to himself I bet the 20lb special would be fantastic, so he went back the next day, gave the lady $45.00 stripped down and walked into the room. Slowly the door opened and in walked the biggest naked man he had ever seen wearing a sign that said "If I catch you I can have you"
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