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1/28/2018 9:58:40 PM
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Re: Need a bucket swap in the Midwest, my guy quit
Years ago I had it done and it was one of the biggest mistakes with a truck  I have made. It is tough to pull the plug on a old bucket you love to work out of. So..I bought a new Super Duty Van and was going to have an "EASY Swap" done. Had a gas Onan on old truck and moved it to the tail shelf of the new one, their idea, to keep it outside to avoid rust from condensation that the old truck had and gain the extra room.. Was quoted $ 8000.00. When it was done they wanted over $20,000. Because they failed to realize the time to build a new tailshelf and extend the wiring add a fuel tank,build brackets for the frame as that is different from the old truck a Ford, and the list goes on. The lawsuit took two plus years. The extra weight on the back drivers corner has put too much weight on the drivers rear tire that has failed on me at highway speeds. So if you do do it avoid my mistakes. I still like the truck.
Hope that helps..Be carefull.. 
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