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Re: Need a bucket swap in the Midwest, my guy quit
There are at least 3 bucket truck dealers and repair shops in Ft. WAYNE IN area...   including Nesco, Specialized Hydraulics, Altec, and I'm pretty sure a couple more.  Also Lima, Ohio area.  Another place in Rockford, Illinois.  Check for bucket trucks under used trucks dealers.

As for a diesel van....  if you want Ford better listen to the guy at powerstrokehelp.COM....

Used 2003-2008 With 6.0 oR Pre 2004 With 7.3 For Fords Should Be Easy To Find....  Look For Used Ambulances.

I Have Seen Some Of The Newer Mercedes Type Diesel Vans With Booms On Them...Don't Know Who Is Doing The Outfitting.  Call EtI, Duralift, Vrrsalift, Armlift And All The Other Manufacturers To Check On That.
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