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Re: Meters
When I worked for Jerrold Electronics, I stated in 1965-still using amp cans on x arms, 404/408 cables, pressure taps, no line extenders, hubs, etc.  I've still got their first meters stored in an old J lasher box out in my garage.  It really didn't matter what kind of meter it was, it was all about..who was operating them.  Back in those days we had the best of the best, the engineering pioneers in the cable industry...50 amps in casade was really something.  I was 1 of 5 who spliced in the first Starline One amps-Harrisburg PA-1966.   I've still got some of the old connectors TR-75 terminators, STR-412 splices, LE's, etc.  Great's tech''s all digital equipment, push a button, your done for the day.  Tel Co's are just no finding out that being a coax tech is more than they thought it to be.  Running down a copper problem is easier than dealing with coax.  Now it's it will be "ALL" wireless..then just metal telemetry...Just think it..and it's done.

MicroMan.  Be proud that you was part of the ever changing technology...keepsafe !
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