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Re: as a sub contractor
well its brought me a long way, and i tell companies striaght up before contracts are signed that if i want to work 6-7 days a week thats my choice, i may do it, i may not, but what i wont do is take orders and commands being barked at me ..
i aint afraid to walk off and breach the contract myself ither, ile walk right out the door, and have been known to undo work thats already been done if not paid out for it.
i dont cheat the system, i dont want or require more than whats owed.
however i can be asked to work a saturday or a sunday , and depending the siuation and the understanding of a last minute job that needs to be done, and if asked in a good attitude with no demanding then ya i dont have a problem working a 6 day week a few times hear n there, but if demanded upon and attempting to order me to well then, ya  go fuk urself, i dont need to meet demands and barked orders, my response is simply
i was looking for a contract when i found this one and im sure ile find someone else to give me another one.... all i ask for is respect, be respectful, approach with kind hearted and good attitude and we will go along ways. its amazing how far a good attitude and hospitality will get one

and honestly its brought me a long way, i now have 3 prime contracts, and where ive moved to i havent had any problems or demands thrown at me,  im very happy with the service providers that chose my company to give the contract too,  never been short on invoicing, or anything..
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