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Re: Rear Easement pricing
Sounds like Beckley WV, all mountains,windy roads with coal trucks going 90mph in a 45 zone. One of the problems was that some of the poles were roadside, you just couldn't park to get to them. Gaurd rails right up to the road, no shoulder and every freaking road was so curvey it was all blind spots and the coal buckets didn't slow down. We had a meeting with the project mamager about this.His response was as you go by the pole drop your stuff off, find a place to park and go walk to it. Sometimes you might be 2-3 miles away LOL.The next day i went in unloaded my truck and told him I'm walking but not to the pole but off the job.
        Had a company call me and my partner to help them finish splicing in Cleveland. We decided to look at the job first.Drove there,met with the PM, looked at the maps on the walls, he had about 10-15 nodes to finish and said these 7 are yours. My partner and I studied the nodes dorve out and looked at them. 90% easement, hummmm interesting. Went back in and looked at the remaining nodes his guys where doing, Probably 75% street. When we asked about this he said his guys had been there longer. Well that didn't sit well, So we told him that I guess they'll be there a little longer, and walked out the door.
      If you bid on a job your word has to be good, thats all we have anymore, you might not make the money you want , but finish it and learn from this. Don't go in whinning every morning ,nothing worse than a whinny lineman 
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