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1/23/2018 9:44:02 PM
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Re: Rear Easement pricing
Do you really think you can get additional money, there is a reason you got the work in the first place, probably a low bid,  why didn't you put a clause in your bid regarding off the road work ....maybe $.09 SFT additional.  Sometimes, even with addtional funds..your still go broke.  If your going to play with the big dawg's....just like Kenny Roger's song...."You gotta know when to fold em" other words, be prepared to walk if they don't pay more.
Never bid a job unless you do a quick field ride-inspection.  Easement/Streets/pole per mile/ size of poles/make ready problems/tree condition/traffic control/working hrs/material on job site/trucks tool security/prints available/required production reporting/  "Payment Terms & Method"  Just a few idea's.   Good Luck with it: Microman
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