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Re: Learning Fiber Splicing
Getting experience is the hardest thing to accomplish without finding that one company willing to take that chance on you. If I was to take on an anybody to train, it would be somebody that has no idea what or how things are done. That way I have a clean slate to deal with and they have no bad habits that have to be trained out of them. In my 22 years I've seen many splicers come and go. The bad thing about new splicers that try to be contractors is they under cut the unit pricing so low to get there foot in the door that they end up hurting our industry and drive the pricing down for everybody else, then end of going out of business because they can't earn enough from unit pay. When I look at the job postings, I laugh at the hourly pay they offer in Puerto Rico.  They want quality contractors, but for those rates they get the bottom of the barrel.
That' like the Google work that was going on. So many people not doing the work, sub contracting to someone else that the end product is sketchy at best because there are too many hands in the cookie jar and the people that do the work don't even get paid. 
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