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You were there at the beginning Jim, kudos.
I had the fortune to meet Mr Hostetter in 1986 shortly after joining Continental. It was a brief meeting up at the Portsmouth NH Training Center. I had been recruited by Gordon Crowe {aka The Olde Crowe, who moved out to CA shortly after I got on board}

Over the course of the next decade I went from foreman of a crew of 2 to project manager overseeing the Rockland/Westchester rebuilds. I ran into "Bud" again in 1996 as he was making his "farewell" tour, altho none of us knew it at the time. I had changed quite a bit in that decade, going from a shaggy haired linedog with a ZZ Top beard to a smartly dressed manager. Bud looked me in the eye & asked if I still hooked any poles. Guy has an incredible memory.

I missed the "Ex-Con" reunion in May 2012 due to my lack of staying in touch, shame on me.

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