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Re: Aerial cable leasing and overlashing

I have seen a variety of trailers like this Thank you for sharing the link.  This trailer would save some time in certain areas. We are typically working in citys for example in underground install in the middle of a 3 lane road.traffic is flowing  on either side of the operation and we get 1 lane to do our business. I could see the benefits of winding it back on a reel the figure eighting back off to continue the pull ( only having to figure eight one not twice to get the pulling end on top. Smaller lengths or multiple piles we can just flip by hand with several people.   Aerial installation this would work well to when we have to start moving slack as well.  I am not knocking the video but I am not  afforded the open space to figure eight like show in the video. Sometimes it comes down to putting you head down and just do the work and make neat piles that the guy working the can feed off with the flip of the wrist.

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