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Re: MSO Construction and Splicing Handbooks
I've go TCI/ComScope/ATC/Bell/MCI and more..but in late 90's the best was when I did an overbuild on Warner cable system for Ameritech of Columbus Ohio...they had 3 large hard copy manuals. Their QC inspectors may not of knew much about CATV...but they damn sure knew that what was on the pole...and it had to look like what was in the maunuals.  You've all been there.  Another time early 80's I was building a dual system for Warner-AMEX, one day when I was on site, American Express shut down my warehouse..did an inventory.  You remember when Mach bolts came in wooden boxes, after we used the bolts, we would cut lids off and use for Weaver Clamps and such small items.  One of the Amex inventory inspectors was counting weaver clamps..he was up to about 90, when I told him they were not 12"mach bolts they were bonding clamps...he just keep counting got up to around 140 and wrote down we had 140 12" mach bolts.  You just can't beat real hands on training and experience.
I have no digital copies of spec books................MicroMan
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