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Re: Aerial cable leasing and overlashing
I was site suprv for Jerrold Electronics and built all of the original Boston Complex back in 1968-Malden, then came back 1970-1972 and built Medford, Everett, Revere, Chelsea, Somerville, Melrose, Randolph,. Milton and few I forgot about.  It was the first systems to be dual A/B cable, Jacketed, after the first job we had it all fiqured out. Only buckets we had was for truck crews, a few old crank out ladder trucks, rest was all off hooks, worked around the clock...night crews/day crews.  Had some great engineers working with me. Couple stories: Once had warehouse raided, a crew had Pot hid in truck hubcaps, another time FBI came and got one of my foreman's (From Alabama) had him charged with murdering a girl/cut off her head/hands.  I proved with use of payroll records that he was infact on my job site when the incident occured, he came back to job but didn't stay long..headed back home to Alabama, every time I seen him,he couldn't thank me enough for saving his ass.  Great time/Great Crews/lots of memories of better days in this industry.
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