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Re: Bidding work
You have to get in touch with the right person. It takes years to develop a relationship with the right person. Until you have done that, it is unlikely someone will hire you just because you know how. 

A question that comes to mind is, when you say, “Im ready to take on the work and have the man power”.  Does that mean you have a work force to do the actual work and support staff, or just the work force to do the actual work?  You will soon learn that you will need support staff to make sure payroll gets out on time and accurately, invoice the work, file insurance claims, answer phone, sales staff, bid projects, General book keeping, etc. You may plan on doing some of these tasks your self and that is fine. Just expect to work near 20 hours a day. 

In addition you need to incorporate.  Otherwise when you get sued, you will be named personally in the suit with the possibility of losing your house and other personal property.   You will also need a good business lawyer, CPA, banker and insurance agent. 

 One of the best pieces of advice given to me by my mentor was not to low ball a job just to get it or get your foot in the door. First you will not make any money. And second and worst of all they will expect that price for the next bid. 

Dont mean to discourage you but unless you’ve at least considered the above, you are not ready IMHO. If you have, good luck my friend and make lots of money. 
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