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MSO Construction and Splicing Handbooks
Other than all the specs that have drilled into my head by my forefather, (who I can NOT thank enough for making me the asshole I am today - A VERY sincere THANK YOU, WB)

I'm searching for anyone who may have digital copies of of any Construction Handbooks or even a hard copy. Seems I may have thrown all of them away or deleted them, as they meant nothing compared to the specs I was taught. When I first started with this 'Jackass', he told us that if we did it 'HIS WAY', we would never have any gigs from any company....HE CONTINUES TO BE CORRECT! When I started with him 20 years ago I took those words as him being arrogant...I was wrong! Those words were meant with the same fatherly love any of us would give our children, as I do believe he considered us him. What I took as arrogance at the time, I eventually realized to be CONFIDANCE as being the best in the business and a BADASS to ever have worked for. He provided us with everything we needed to be the best and most productive we could be, including having our parts built ahead of time, shrink boot cut, straps and spacers in packs by one of the best guys in the business and have remained friends with since. THANK YOU GREATLY, DA.
I had an awesome group of brothers, we had great times together on the job, with the friendly competition of splicing more locations than one another and prettiest locations. I will not even get into the after hours brotherhood that was obviously felt by more than just myself, we definitely knew we were the BEST and YES we were arrogant (lol) about it! That being said, THANK YOU, BB, for giving me the most competition.....during the work hours. Looking back, I don't think that I could ever outsplice you.

When I come across the 'ol dawgs' that may still be around and those that knew of our (actually HIS) reputation, I'm still identified and introduced to others as, 'ONE OF WILLIE'S BOYS'!

I don't believe that I would have never made it this far without YOUR PRIDE and DEDICATION to those of us you saw had PRIDE, in your TRAINING, COMMAND for DEDICATION, the LONG 1st NIGHTS (of many upgrades), your subtle ways of punishment (easements), your pride in us and the respect that CONTINUES to be given to me, by the many of those who were fortunate enough to have us on the project.

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