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1/11/2018 5:33:20 PM
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Re: Has anyone of the older experienced guys......
Yeah just like you said! Lots of us remember it that way, carrying the lasher up on your belt, climb the layup stick for mid-span stuff,anything to get the job done! And we were proud of what we had accomplished, we owned it, put our names on it YEAH!But as I recall in 1978 the money wasn't huge , rather it was the ONLY job I could get with my hair! It was a different time seems like alot more blue eyes and rednecks lol. Anyhoo I sure dig readin' bout the old stuff...the present day doesn't  sound so good. Back in the day if you didnt have a street name rep or an attitude you just couldnt even pull the rope. Now every snowflake gotta start at the top. Ahhh! There I go sounding like my Father (God, rest his soul). Regards, Mr, Ugly. 
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