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Re: Has anyone of the older experienced guys......
Thank you Ugly, hell, if we as a group working in-house, made our weekly production, the PM would bring a keg or cases of beer to the yard for everybody to enjoy. You bet there was weed and a few guys did some Peruvian Marching dust, but those that did never let it effect their work quality, quantity. We had a real brotherhood. The crack didnt show up until the late 80's and those who did it never lasted long. All these young bucks missed out on "the good 'ol days" when companies appreciated you and SHOWED it. I recall getting 5 cents a ft for strand raise and run, and that was a crew price. Splicing paid $5 a piece and 5cents a ft activation included and we never had bucket babies. We took great pride in our skills to tackle the tough stuff, then bow out our chests in the yard at the end of the day with cold beer and cooking with devices not intended to be ovens at the shit motels, sleeping 3-4 deep.............nuff said..........Skid
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