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Re: Has anyone of the older experienced guys......
blast from the past......remember cable tv was just 13 channels, then HBO came out....started climbing in the back woods in PA,NJ stringing cable, then climbing towers, aligning microwave dishes....push button converter boxes with a 20ft chord attached and a little tuning wheel!..........good times, hard work, decent living.....hanging out with your buds after, well you are just a number on some bean counters book. corporate takeovers, companies bought and sold, large MSO's, no more "mom and pop" cable companies.....rules, regulations, legalities, can't do this, can't do that.....Brothers, those days will never be back, but I will remember all the people I worked with, bled with, and told the stories too..... It was bittersweet when I sold the truck and tools, but realized I was a dinosaur, and my ideals about the industry changed and allowed me to move elsewhere. I guess new stories will be told, but not the stories about how the industry was in the begining....sad..... This member is a Regular Member.
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