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Re: Learning Fiber Splicing
As a contractor twisted pair copper and fiber Splicer good luck to you all trying to get into splicing it will only teach you how to splice .that is it ..nothing eles !! I’ve been to the schools you need a Splicer to bring you on and tech you.  if you think some cheap splicing equipment is ganna cut it you have something coming you will need quality equipment at least not eBay special!!  I get call every week or so about some guy said he could splice and messed up a whole heap of crap because he didn’t know how to read a print or calculate his splice loss , or better yet his p.o.s he paid 2000 for doesn’t work correctly what a surprise !! what about your test equipment oops you broke the bank already with class and a pos Splicing machine even if you manage to get it all how are you ganna find work with no experience see how all this works you just chased your tail and now what are you ganna do 

Plan b school and find a job splicing !! :) mabey ..well the one people that mostly hire either A you need experience or B you are a contractor and are paid off units what that means you get paid on what you do.. I’ve watched people make a few hundred a month we are talking 300 dollars on the road with kids at home because they wanted to learn and the company they worked for didn’t care and will say you’ll either starve or get faster welcome to being a contractor 

my advice you go go to a utility company and start at the bottom and work your way up to learn the fundamentals of fiber or copper and prints also placement what a ped is or cabinet what a handhole manhole crossbox building terminal what all this good stuff is and more for better understanding what you are doing splicing is more than putting cables 2gether it’s trouble shooting and  engineering and remember the prints are almost never right if they have prints to go off of 

good luck 
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