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Re: Has anyone of the older experienced guys......
been in the biz since 1980 and just this last week I was looking for future opportunities as I am always looking for something longterm.  So they get around to asking how much I want to make and I tell them what I need to make and the first guy kinda choked and said he would have to get with his boss about that.  So that one is a no go.  Next call same deal however the guy actually said he may be able to work something out but I would have to pass a background and drug test.  Been a long while since I indulged but my past is like most of the old timers....maybe a skeleton or two in the closet.  Sure do want to treat a contractor like an employee.  And I am a damn fielder so what kind of harm could I cause. Give me the work, qc me and then pay me on time.  So many hoops to jump through for so little money.  Last company I worked for payed me right on time every week and always kept me piled up with maps.  Charge a fair price do not take a price just to have can go broke at your own house rather than at a Motel 6.
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