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The real truth about Puerto Rico
Firstable if you are working in Us
Huge advice don't go there unless you kiss ass to the Fiber CORP Manager and Supervisor
the reality is that Fiber CORP had their people in the Florida Keys when they were told to get a certain amount of Technician that they did not have' then a couple other Company were hired and send a bunch of Splicer to Puerto Rico and yes the first 3 or 4 weeks every thing was fine until Fiber CORP Techs were done in the Keys and brought to Puerto"then they Started firing people not from Fiber CORP but the other 3 or 4 Company they have' there'specially PS Splicing """who Fiber CORP hate every one there and I  have witness that,And yes is true they are being very selective when it comes to race including Latinos in their own ground " believe it or not even there  and with Blacks as well, who ever tells you some thing else is kissing fiber CORP Sup ass" also is true that they send a lot Techs that does not have experience, but if you from Fiber CORP it does not matter. MASTEC is being aware of this issue hopefully they do something about it but it doesn't look good at all. Local news channels are advise and investigating this with locals authority who didn't like to hear that" over 15 Techs showed up there and make them aware and they are preparing a special report.
Last """if you get fire or they get rid of you they held your Truck hostage until they feel like  it to send your Truck Back, and yes there are payroll issue as well. That is the real deal with Puerto Rico and all these have been witness whoever tell you the the contrary is a big lier"You will regret going there.
dont do it .
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