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12/30/2017 3:23:14 PM
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Re: Need help with Pricing for Verizon Aerial &
There is no such thing as Under matter what you bid...they are only going to pay you..what they feel is a fair rate, which will really un-fair rate.  If any of you bidding these OSP project, no matter if aerial or UG, and would just break down your per hour labor cost, truck, tools, equipment cost, fuel, maintenance, insurance,computer and office support cost, overhead on site mangement, warehousing, depreciation/interest/banking cost.....Then you would see that "'"YOU ARE WORKING FOR NOTHING"""", your paying them to work for them.   Smarten Up Folks, this is why this industry is hurting for good quality experienced crews/companies.  Bid to make some bucks or don't do it............MicroMan
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