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12/20/2017 4:34:03 PM
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Re: google fiber
That reminds me of a few years ago...I drove up to Kansas to do a "taunt-sheeth" fiber splicing project. That's what they called it...maybe there's another name...I don't know. I drove up there in 2011. Man! Has it been that long...geez. Anyway, I only spliced fiber for 2 years. That's all. I don't know much about fiber splicing but I wanted to give it a forgive me if I'm using the wrong terminology, etc. So, my supervisor told me I had to cut a 72 count in my bucket...I wasn't sure what the hell he meant. I thought he was crazy! But he showed me it could be done and I built a table to work on and I actually gave it a try. I did 2 enclosures and left. Didn't ask for payment. Just left. But I did get the check in the mail a month later. The 2nd splice was rear-easement. Haven't heard much about those types of projects anymore...I heard of people burning a couple of fibers at the pole for FTTH projects...just a couple of burns with a handheld splicer. But I had one of those old Fitel machines. No battery. Had to run an extension down the bucket to my generator. I keep wondering...why in the world would anyone design a system like that??? and if the fiber is damaged...a car hits a pole...What do they do??? You'll have to bring out a construction crew in the middle of the night to hang fiber. They literally, had no storage...anywhere. I think it was a telephone company or telephone engineer that created that spec. I don't know...once again...I might be wrong about everything and it works great...What do I know??? As far as I'm concerned - it was total insanity. 
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