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Open Letter to Prime Contractors
Look guys: I used to be a Prime Contractor operating in this trade for some 50 years. As prime contractors..you gotta get back to working hours and get off this unit method. At a time when this industry needs to move into providing the latest and greatest services for the end user, the industry is losing qualified experienced Tech's, Splicer's, ForeM, LineM because of the lousy rate of pay. MSO's need to stop listening to their bean counters and start listening to those in the field who build it and make it happen. This is not the time to cut corners to meet a budget, you will end up with a bunch of low cost trainee Clum-Some's out here building your systems. Those in the field making it happen need to be paid like Telephone/Power pay their field employee's,  to include a benefit package.  I'm seeing construction rates that I was getting paid...some 20 years ago.  It this keeps up, say good bye to the MSO's...they will end up selling, mergering or going out of business because they CAN NOT keep qualified experience field personnel.  In case the MSO's or the Primes forgot...those out here in the field also has a family somewhere back home to support...so open up the wallets and start paying these folks a decent wage rate w/some benefits. Tomorrow's high tech systems needs experienced crews.....................  Just Saying: MicroMan DBA: Micro Network Service Group
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