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Re: Wulzcat
Trust me I’ve done the math over and over in my head and yes it sounds to good to be true, there is no way he can expect guys to work 14 hour days 7 days a week! I just want to know who and how the guy is to work for and if he is going to not pay people or not. I’m not afraid of the work bc in 6 months of working those hours I would be debt free and all bills paid off. Sucks I would leave my family back in the states. But if you think about it’s like being in the military. You are always on alert and in the field or out on deployments. Your a marine, you know what it’s like. I was in the Corp as well and you know you piss a marine off by not getting paid is not good especially in another part of the country. I was just wondering if that is his method of operation get people there then screw them by not paying them.   Simper fi!
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