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Re: google fiber
Charlotte NC was a wast of time and money I couldnt make any money with all the so called inspectors looking over shoulders and in my damn way along with safty meetings and bs meetings Not a damn one new any thing about shit. You ask them a simple question there responce was um um um i dont know ill check with my supervisor. I once asked the one inspector did he know so and so which was his own name and he said um not that i know of I looked at him and told him what a dumb ass he was and i left.

I agree every thing looks good on paper until you actualy have to do it then its impossable We call them educated idiots

Went to a McDonalds and asked for a half dozen of chicken mcnuggets they said only sell 3 6 9 and 12 piece i said ok i want a half dozen again same only 3 6 9 and 12 piece i throw the cup down and said idiots.

Send them to school what do they do eat the paper

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