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12/14/2017 2:43:36 PM
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Internet ovr power lines...WHAT!!!
It's bad enought that we've lost free internet with net-netutraliy..now ATT is testing "Air Gig" broadband services over power lines.  Two test site (1 oversea+1 Georgia Power). Internet speeds in excess of 1 Gps via a millimeter wave signal guided by power lines.  No more new towers or new cables to be placed.  Wake Up MSO..your getting your ass kicked, who will need hard line cables to their house or more fiber to the node...when you can get everything you want..when and where you want it.    our technology is moving fast, I can imagine what it will be like 50 years from...Caution alert, beware of "artificel Inteligence"....just saying:  MicroMan
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