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12/14/2017 2:28:25 PM
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FCC..The Big Dog are now on the loose !!
Net Neutrality...The FCC today reversed Obama 2015 ruling for an open and free access to internet services.  Folks..your screwed, this gives companies like ATT-Verizon-Google0-Comcast-Direct-Dish-Netflex-All of them now provide internet services that you've been getting free or at low cost.  It's an open book for the big dog's to start charging what they want.  Stream lineing, movies, sports, news....get your wallet out !!!  As much as I didn't like Obama...He was right on this one...We should have an open and free access to the internet.  Next the government will figure out a way to tax you for using the internet. Folks, listen up....we (America) does not own the internet super highway to   hell.  This should of been voted on by us folks out here on main street USA, not by a bunch of fat white cats sitting around puffing on big cigar.   Just saying; MicroMan
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12/14/2017 2:44:56 PM