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Re: Pay Issue, how to resolve?

Unfortuantely time is not on your side, do your due diligence at this time! You will have to do some research but I would chase down some of the properties you physically worked on and gater all address's city, contact name etc. You will have to contact the in fact city where the work was completed and have them fax, scan email etc. the property lein forms. You are entitiled to file leins unless of course you signed off on that and waived your rights! Most of the time once the property owners are contacted and alerted where this is going they escelate the matter and eventually its brought back to the original company that is screwing you. They will be contacted by both the city and the vendoe who is the customer you were in fact doing the work for being the cable company or phone company whichever it may be.

I hope this helps...

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