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Re: What is the TRUTH with respect to Puerto Rico?
I was the first crew to get here in oct1. The truth is that if you aren't getting any ot rates then your getting fucked, and if the hourly rate isn't 100 plus your getting fucked, if you have your own equipment and are a quality fiber splice then anything less than 120 an hr and 160 ot is a rip off. Plus 180 a day per diem. Trust me , I'm here and it's no cake walk. The roads and mountains are treacherous and without a 4x4 you probably will be limited to the metro area. I'm subbing for AT&T restoring cell sites. Maybe you've been offered something different from a different company such as liberty, and if so you might can get by with a bucket, I'm just passing along the info and knowledge and the truth of how this monster is going. It's nothing that you could imagine, the worst of the worst, make sure you sign something saying that if it doesn't work out that the company will pay for your truck to be shipped HOME. Not when they decide  but when u decide, they will trapyou here and make u pay your way home , it ain't cheap, up in the thousands, hope that was helpful, good luck
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