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12/4/2017 12:48:26 PM
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Re: my old man pass way
Greetings brother,
  As you are aware of, I have had quite a time reaching Ft. Myers, Florida. So, because of this, I am learning of your Dad's crossing over just this morning. My heart is with you, as your family is within my heart and mind, moment by moment, daily. Like so many have said before me; your strength and courage has been given to you from the love of this great man. In this, your walk will be a living tribute and testimony to all that he is in you. In this way, he lives. I for one, am thankful to have met you and through you I also am able to know your father. Thank you, again, for being where I needed to meet you, my friend. His legacy, includes you. You make him proud, and humble me in the same stride.

As always, your friend, all my love and respect to you, and your family. Tim. (Petergunn)
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