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Re: Don't Rush Into the Hurricane Repair Work
I was there 3 days after the military pulled out. I  remember the Florida Turnpikes
gates being wide open and signs expressing gratitude for contractors effots. In the morning meetings at Adelphia's office forty or so contractors would sit down and open their briefcases, we would each check out the type of firearm exposed the other was carrying. It was frontier town back then. There was a store down on the corner that was guarded with stern-looking gentlemen armed with shotguns...only ten customers at a time allowed. The 9:00 pm curfew was vigorously enforced by the LEOs. That meant that you slept in your vehicle at the bar or sometimes you hazarded the ride back to Adelphias compound witch was guarded by armed security, they were quite familiar with me. there would often be guys missing for roll call...if you were caught on the road after 9 it was automatic cuffed and stuffed. It was quite a time, but, it happened
1 year AFTER the actual storm (Andrew) and it payed units as I recall about 25% more usual.
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