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Re: as a sub contractor
You are right in your statement: A sub does not work under employee rules, all the Prime can do is issue the work area, give you the required specs. A Prime can not tell you how many hours to work, they can not have direct contact with your crews...on a daily basis. You should have a work agreement/contract,  providing them with insureage cover and invoicing to be a sub.  The Prime/Client can however state their required work load, it's up to you to meet it. If your can not work under the rules the Prime set forth....Go Else Where Looking For Work !  I've seen it all the time over the years...a sub calls for work, says he can do this/that/everything, but once he actually shows up.....He can't do Shit !!!  Both parties just need to be honest in what they want out of you and what you can do for them.
*I'm not saying all sub contractors operate like this...This industry Can Not operate with out Sub Contractors...However that's why..some day...there won't be any more sub contractors...The prime will be all hourly more more SUBS.
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