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11/12/2017 6:51:53 PM
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Re: as a sub contractor
Hey bud you are totally correct. But see how far that will take you. Sub or not eff those rules. If you want to work you better try to accommodate the person you are working for. If not bam they won't give you any work it's simple. And the rules won't feed you or your family.. 
 But once again you are right. . but flexibility is probably a better resolution.
I don't give a lot on price but I do on scheduling as long as they aren't trying to schedule Sunday nights for stuff that can be done another night. Had a da coordinator. Continually try that with nothing on the other nights scheduled.I didn't do them and I don t work there anymore because of it.  He was just making a power play and I don't play  games anymore. I just work hard and go above and beyond with my quality. And if they don't appreciate that I don't need to work for them. I think there are contractors out there that respect that still.
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