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as a sub contractor
ive noticed alot of the postings on here  for sub contractors 
and ive noticed in some of the requirments  that its labeled you must work 6 days a week or so many hours per week..
for 1: as a sub contractor  a company cant make you work 6 days a week, especially in the underground....if you want to make demands like that  you need to change your ad from contractor to employee or in house...... as a sub contractor 6-7 days a week is the subs choice, not the companys choice
nor can they legally threaten your job over it.....
if yall want to tell someone they need 2 work 6-7 days a week   then you need to make them an employee so you can bark orders and demands that you expect to be followed......

2:  as a contractor you can refuse to do any job for any reason and cant legally have work withheld from you ither....if you want someone to do as you say when you say it and whatever time and day given, then you need to make them an employee so you can feel you have control over them..   

not referring to any company in particualr,  just see on alot of ads   that they try to say you need to work 6 + days a week.............for the copmpanies that dont know,   that is the subs choice  not yours 
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