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Puerto Rico
I see so many companys/ middle men posting these jobs for fiber splicers in Puerto Rico. And as I read them not one of them are correct. Ist, I must say that I'm only speaking of Att.  2nd no ribbon fiber on the island at all. I would Bring one  because they're a possibility that after all the damage is restored that Att  is going to directional bury fiber which could include ribbon. I've been here 35 days a d haven't taken a day off and I've yet to see one ribbon cable. In fact I worked with the Att splicers for ten days waiting on my truck and trailer to get here and they  told us that there is no ribbon fiber on this island. Also, be prepared to wait around because there is more than. Enough splicers and I ly a few crews to hang cable. The biggest do we that Att has in Puerto Rico is a 144. Material is hard to get and traffic is worst the  LA. And traffic lights don't work. I suggest bringing a bucket van if u can work out of it or if your a team of two. One bucket and and a 4x4 to pull a small trailer. Be prepared to test and engineer your job because Att doesn't have the man power. I wish all u guys luck looking fwd to meeting you. Fly safe and Be careful once u arrive.
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