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Re: Learning Fiber Splicing
While I agree that for some, it takes more practice and experience to do quality work, but thats not a end all. I have personally trained several people that did great work off the bat. Sure, they were a little slower, but the quality from the get-go was top notch. I have also had guys that come in and learn how to do just a good enough job to get the location done and move to the next, with no desire for top quality.

As for the situation of my learning, maybe I was just suited for it, because I can recall my boss, and the guy that set me up with him, being genuinely impressed I picked things up so quickly. Granted, it was only fishing out 2 fibers in a pretty messy can, something I wouldnt let a new guy do if I were bringing them in, but it wasnt that difficult thinking back on it. Then again, im the type of guy that loves troubleshooting old cans and pathways, bigger the mess the better, over new build gravy work. 

You are right, splicing is not difficult, and it is easy to mess up but experience doesnt always lend to quality. Nor does it exempt you from mistakes.
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