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Re: Storm Work Florida Puerto Rico
There just wasn't all that much damage to repair in Florida. The only place in Florida with any real telco system damage was on Big Pine and Cudjoe Key down in the keys. Those copper systems were wiped out and are being replaced with fiber to the home which is almost complete. The minor damage on the west coast (Marco Island, Naples) didn't amount to much and has been mostly repaired, at least to the point to allow for the return of service, thus removing any pressure on quick rebuilds. One of my sons is doing aerial line work in Florida, has not spent more than two weeks anywhere they have sent him and says that they are actually doing what should be considered CATV maintenance work, companies trying to wring as much out of the FEMA money as possible. I think a lot of companies were just gathering names and numbers for their data base for future events. Puerto Rico is not ready yet. I have a friend there now, says its a hell hole.
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