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Hi All,

Looking for Telco Copper Splicing/I&R/Rehab Storm work in Florida and/or Puerto Rico.

About 5-6 weeks ago several companies listed some very good rates so I sent them a resume and was told they would be in touch once they have "locations" that were in the TBD or "To Be Done" status.

I have since sent in several other Resumes via email and am no longer receiving confirmation and have received no word to date about any Locations or otherwise.

Anyone else experiencing this or is anyone else working on Good rates currently and mind letting us know what company that is please?

Seems like pretty odd behavior by these companies offering little to no information.  Some of these companies have informed me that they are trying to get or even hve a master contract yet will not let us know what Sub contractor to contact as if releasing that information is a "No No" currently.

I am wondering.... they are all about to make a bunch of money, the negotiations are still on going and they fear losing a bid because they revealed too much information too soon?

Any and all Help greatly appreciated!
Thanks everyone!
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